about rien

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by two sisters, Renee (22) and Sophie (25) Poortman.

​Rien The Label is built on a concept created for social creative women, who want to be unique and responsible. From an early age we often visited our mother in her retail showroom. We loved to see all the clothing and drawings and knew that we wanted to have our own clothing brand when we got older.

We noticed that it can be difficult as a young women to be unique in what you wear. You often see someone else with the same item, because you both bought it at a major international retailer. The problem is that these are the only affordable places for trendy items for most girls, even knowing the social and geographic issues. 

We, at Rien the label, want to combine unique items with a responsible mind. This way we want to make fashionable items in a responsible manner affordable for youthfull women. That's why we keep up with the trends, think about the consequences for the climate when producing and ensure good working conditions for employees.

About rien

Our vision

RIEN The Label believes that everyone deserves a unique summer feeling. With this we really mean everyone, from consumers to our factory employees in Bali and India and even the climate. RIEN The Label strives to achieve this by producing small quantities of responsible fashion. This way we give you, as our consumer, the opportunity to wear unique clothing; we take the climate into account during the production process and we make sure our factory employees work under good conditions. 

We consider doing good and making a change as important, even when it has a small impact. And hope to this pass it on to young women.

About rien

Our way of working

Our collection is carefully selected. We try to use as little plastic as possible and to only use fabric substance that can be recycled. We sell product made out of left-over fabrics and do not throw away any damaged products, check out our Almost Perfect page!  

Most clothing is produced in a factory in India. We have close contact with the owners and we visit the factory regularly. This way we can see with our own eyes how things are going and look for new prints and styles in India. We mainly use fabrics such as 100% Viscose for clothing. Substances from only one type of material are easier to recycle later. Besides that we produced clothing, we also handpick our bags and jewelry from India. In addition to the India factory, we also have clothing produced in a factory in Bali. We visit the factory regularly and have a lot of contact with them. Both factories are runned by women!


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