Production Method

Our knit items are made in small local ateliers in Bali.

All items are made with great care by hand, using a hand knitting machine. The production of knitting materials in Bali is a process that requires craftsmanship and attention to detail. From selecting the best yarns to knitting the fabric on the hand knitting machines, every step is carefully carried out to ensure high-quality and beautifully finished products. This traditional craft approach not only ensures high-quality knitting materials, but also contributes to the rich cultural heritage of Bali.


We use two types of natural fibers/materials for our knit collection

100% natural cotton and 100% rayon. Natural cotton is known for its softness, breathability and durability, making it ideal for making knitting materials. And second Rayon, this material is made of natural cellulose fibers and offers a soft texture and beautiful shine, making it a popular choice for luxury knitwear. We also use Anysa material for our collection. This yarn consists of 3 threads. 1 carrying elastic and 2 threads of 100% rayon that are spun around the elastic thread. This creates a super stretchy and soft material.


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